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Aug 19, 2011

Lantaka Hotel - Zamboanga Cuisine and Culture Fully Alive

September last year, I received  an invitation from the Manager of the newly renovated Lantaka Hotel by The Sea, Mr. Crisanto dela Cruz to conduct a series of trainings and lectures for the hotel staffs and the students of  the school it maintains - Nuevo Zamboanga College. 

Lantaka Hotel is the oldest hotel in the city of Zamboanga. Most of the people I know, whenever I ask  about their visit in Zamboanga, would always mention Lantaka hotel as the hotel they usually stay at. Famed for the beautiful view of the sea-  charming, serene and enticing with the culture of hispanic Zamboanga carved and embedded on every piece of furniture around. This is the kind of atmosphere every visitor feels as soon as they get inside Lantaka - as though every piece of ornament has a story of its own.

Lantaka  is conceptualized after the sea because of its proximity  to the once polluted beachfront of the Moro gulf, which is now being rehabilitated. The gifts of the ocean truly alive as evidenced through the many sea artifacts prominent in the decors of its interiors. Since the city of Zamboanga has the reputation of being a seafood haven, Lantaka hotel also serves the best seafood dishes the local catch has to offer with the promise of freshness and quality. From  mud crabs cooked in a yellow malay inspired coconut sauce, grilled tanigue with local atchara, tiger prawns, squid and clams seasoned and char-grilled to perfection - Lantaka has it.

Over the years, Lantaka has always lived up to its image as one of the best hotels in Zamboanga - rustic and culturally attuned. But with the offshoot of increasing tourist influx in the region with discriminating tastes and preferences, locals who are now gastronomically educated and increasingly critical,  Lantaka has to repackage itself to keep up with the times of an evolving modern world. Thus, the hotel has taken bolder changes from the traditional to a more modern ambiance fused with the rich culture and history of the city.

To its gastronomical repertoire, I have developed and contributed dishes from the existing menu. From the assortment of cakes and pastries from the Briza Coffee shop to the new gourmet sandwiches, continental and asian dishes that will deliver the hotel's exciting dishes.

Marble Cake topped with cherries

Lemon Meringue Torte

Supermoist Chocolate Caramel Cake

More than Lantaka's goal to set itself as a forefront in hospitality service in the region, is  its noble pursuit to reach out to the society and community through the Nuevo Zamboanga College Inc by educating and preparing the eager and aspiring underprivileged youth to become productive and responsible individuals -  which is one of the shining testaments to Lantaka's success. Truly, Lantaka knows how to give back and it is for this reason that it has achieved its resounding growth and success overtime. Now when you feel you want to have a party and share memorable moments with your friends and family or just want to experience and be mesmerized with the comfort of good food, impeccable service and charming ambiance just go over to the place by the sea - ese el Lantaka Hotel!


Baudouin said...

Sounds extremely good !!!
Could you tell me how to book at Lantaka ? E-mail address for booking ?
My e-mail address is